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Who I am

Hi I’m Tania

I am a down to earth human being with a passion and fascination for life.

Throughout my journey amidst life’s great adventure I began a deep dive and immersed myself in the field of human potential.  After applying myself through various interventions creating innerself change (like the caterpillar to the butterfly), I moved through the process of radical transformation and as a result my whole world changed!

In 2002 I began working as a coach and I specialised in the area of mindset and performance. This was the perfect role for me, as I gained so much value, satisfaction and growth by helping individuals and groups of people to learn and grow and utilise more of their untapped potential.

The proof is in the pudding and when my clients adopt the new approach to living, very quickly I begin receiving client testimonials expressing their profound transformation both personally and professionally and on a frequent basis I receive feedback on how their lives have radically changed for the better.

Over the years, I have gained profound insight and awareness that has taught me an in-depth understanding of human behaviour; how the mind is conditioned for either success or failure and I use my skills to empower people about the importance of adopting the correct use of the mind in order to live in a balanced state of mental health and achieve outstanding results in all areas of their lives.

My approach is unique when working with individuals privately on a one-to-one coaching basis; improving their ability to powerfully focus their mind and balance their energy, whilst managing their state in often high-pressured environments.

As a mindset and performance coach, my professional experience has grown and advanced over an 18-year period and spanned three continents through the work of coaching and training for some of the biggest companies in the world including; Walmart, Tesco, Credit Suisse, BBC, Vodafone and Calvin Klein.

I have gained invaluable experience in this vast field of human development and I can confidently say that I am the walking living proof of the message I teach and pass onto people and from this place, I always hold a clear and powerful space for whoever I am working with, by seeing them whole and complete and looking beyond the problem, as I know that it is absolutely possible for people to step across the threshold and create inner change and transformation in whatever area they are seeking results.

I believe that a balance of holistic health is the answer to a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is vital to train and nurture our mind and to keep it clear and healthy and empower ourselves with good mental nutrition by being mindful of our own internal and external environment and to live in the perfect mental climate!

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