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Mindset coaching

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tania as my coach for 1.5 years.
In that time I’ve experienced a profound transformation, and I am delighted that Tania emerged as a real partner in the process.


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I have benefited from her sharp intuition in identifying things that matter, and her incredible emotional intelligence in addressing them. I have experienced her profound ability to inspire, and her natural instinct to refocus my mind into a positive space that makes everything possible. Most importantly, I am grateful for her truly taking a stake in my success and wellbeing. It has been a real treat to have had such a generous and genuine person by my side. I thoroughly recommend her.



Finance Manager, oil & energy, London

I was fortunate to have been coached by Tania.  Her coaching has enabled me to achieve transformational results in my own life and business.


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Tania is well versed in the latest neuroscience techniques, and I found her coaching profoundly useful. She has the knack of knowing when to inspire or when to nudge you along and is great at pulling ideas/ answers out of you and reflecting them back so you can clearly see them yourself.
For me personally the two most important aspects which came from Tania’s coaching were the accountability and increased focus as these enabled me to significantly increase my performance.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tania. When you avail Tania’s coaching you are getting a proven and vibrant coach who uses the latest neuro scientific methods.
All I can say is hire Tania today, because every day you don’t is a day you are not performing at your absolute best!less


Graeme Hoppitt

Business professional, International

Tania has been my coach for several years and her phenomenal ability to help one find clarity on each and every obstacle is second to none. Whether in a business situation or facing challenges of a more personal nature, she always makes the next leg of the journey exciting. 


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Tania’s extensive training and experience provides a great platform but it’s her compassion and intuition that gives her that natural ability to help one find focus. Her highly professional results-driven approach to business situations has brought me to perform with confidence and ease and she is completely committed to ones progress. 
Tania provides the lens and I choose the subject and angles in which to make the film that is my life. 
It’s amazing to have such support in ones corner and I look forward to many more years of her inspiring coaching. Hiring her as your coach, be it for business, personal reasons or both, I can guarantee that it will be one of the best decisions of your career and life!


Jenny Magnusson

TV Producer, Canada Vancouver

“Without sounding too dramatic, Tania helped me turn my life around in 2015.  I saw her for coaching over a six-month period, as I had been feeling very negative about my work and personal life. 




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When I first started the coaching programme, I began learning new skills and techniques of how to use my mind more effectively, but initially I found the visualisation process quite difficult to comprehend. However, through Tania’s perseverance and amazing positivity, Tania changed my whole outlook on both my work and my personal life.  I can’t put it exactly into words, but my boss and friends can’t believe how positive I am and the change in my attitude, down to how I carry myself and even the sound of my voice being more upbeat!  Thank you so much Tania”





Executive PA. London

Before the coaching, I was at a critical point in my life. I felt totally blocked and helpless. After the coaching with Tania, my mind started opening day by day and all the clouds turned into clarity. I gained clarity about my life purpose and how to align with it and I will make sure that my professional work aligns with it going forward.


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The mindset coaching sessions have given me a new depth of clarity that I wasn’t seeing in my life before. It helped me to connect with my inner self and draw out the essence of my being and as a result, my confidence has grown. I have learned to live powerfully in the present and connect more deeply with my intuition which has been a great gift. Overall, my feelings about life have changed for the better. Tania has fantastic energy. She is very opened and careful about the details. Talking to Tania, was like talking to an old friend! She is an incredible coach!



Health and wellbeing

I was seeking help to bring clarity and momentum to a set of ambitious goals, both professional and personal. Tania helped me work through those in a structured and encouraging manner and focused a lot on ensuring the right mindset was in place.


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Through monthly guidance calls (which we flexed to fit my sometimes erratic schedule) I reached my various destinations more swiftly and surely than would have been the case otherwise. I would warmly endorse her and her approach to anyone looking to do something similar.


Dr Mike Hicks

Management Consultant, Catalysis Advisory, UK

Hi! I’m Cath Lloyd from Make The Change – Lift Your Life To Happiness. I have been working with Tania for approximately nine months and we have talked every month about how to develop my business.


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Sometimes our conversations have been revolved around proofreading articles that I have written, other times it is about coaching techniques and at other times around memory management and visualization techniques. I look forward to every conversation because Tania understands where I am at with my business and where my strengths are. I am still in the process of getting my business off the ground but Tania has helped me get a clearer vision of what I want from my life and what it looks like to me. Every month the outcome of my business becomes even clearer because of her encouragement, her excellent visualization techniques, and her memory management with her unique approach. Like most solo business owners, it is often difficult to remember the journey you have taken but Tania was able to support me in remembering how far I have traveled since working together. She understands my commitments, what I love about my work and knows how much she can push me to get results. Her encouragement is endless and has helped me to keep going when times are tough. I can’t wait for my next mentoring session with her.


Catherine Lloyd

Company Owner at Make The Change, East midlands

Breakthrough Session

I really enjoyed the breakthrough session with Tania, she made me feel very calm and safe and explained the process very clearly.


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It was a very healing and powerful experience and it was insightful to be able to change past events that were previously not happy memories and then transform them into beautiful memories. The timeline therapy exercise was easy, relaxing and exceptionally freeing. The impact the session has had on my life has been huge! (In the past I have sought help to be able to get rid of the problem I had, but it didn’t make much of a difference) However, now, from attending the breakthrough session, I have completely transformed the fear I used to have around a life-long deep-rooted problem that had held me back for many years and as a result I have instantly made rapid change both internally and externally. If you have something big in your life that you cannot shift, then I highly recommend this powerful life-changing process.

Thank you, Tania



Senior Manager. Finance and Leadership

Before the breakthrough coaching session, I was anxious about what/how the process would be, I had the presumption that I would be crying, and I felt nervous to talk about very personal matters that I have not talked about openly before.


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Tania, you did a very good job, I felt extremely comfortable, you were patient, listened intently all the way through, and managed the session well. I felt liberated at the time and I am still feeling liberated! It’s a relief to have let go of so much “stuff” that was holding me back and I now have a better understanding of the root cause of my feelings. I have learned that it is possible to free our minds and manage our emotions and I am aware of the opportunity to be able to take control and manage my mind for a clearer and positive mindset and life.



Senior Manager. Oil and Energy

Blueprint Recording

Hello Tania.

I have been waiting for this moment! Earlier this year we had a coaching session and you also recorded a personal Blueprint program for me which I listened to everyday and it worked perfectly. Hearing and soaking up the powerful affirming
words every day… has given me the best results in my life!!!


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I am pleased to say that I have overcome and achieved the things that were holding me back and “difficult” before we met and did the coaching work.

I am now a determined and focused person. I am loyal to my goals and my daily routines reflect the healthy lifestyle that I always wished to have and now live. I do not need external things to keep myself motivated or to fill any gaps.

I now have the strength to say NO to the things that are not good for me and this is a huge change! Also, one area that was very challenging for me, has completely transformed… I managed to quit the medication and now live my life naturally!!!
I am very grateful to you Tania and I cannot thank you enough for helping me and I hope you can help many more people.


Adriana B

School Teacher

Tania, I feel fortunate and lucky that I met you! After years of battling depression and taking medication, I have finally stopped and found a place of peace and calm inside myself.


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I feel happy and have a new sense of clarity and awareness and a whole new relationship with myself, as you taught me so much about myself and have helped me to see and grasp my potential. Thank you very much for your effort in recording my personal blueprint program. I listen to it every day and I think it is good and inspiring and makes such a difference to me. The first time I listened to it I felt a great sense of relief within like you feel after a good long cry.
Thanks again.


Siv K

Senior Analyst, oil and gas

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