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What I Do

  • As an experienced professional
    performance coach and key skills corporate trainer, my passion is helping individuals and teams to grow and utilise more of their potential whilst increasing their ability to perform and achieve their outcomes and ultimate aim.


  • I believe that each of us
    has the ability to achieve “the more” and develop ourselves and our lives to achieve greater results and success in all areas. I work with teams and Individuals, delivering the required changes; improving their ability to powerfully focus on tasks and working on managing their state in often high pressured environments.
  • Whilst helping individuals
    and teams draw the best out of themselves, utilising several success strategies and disciplines, I use an all-round approach to establish high level outcomes whilst taking into consideration all factors that may influence and Impact performance.


  • The methodologies utilised stem
    from scientific studies and academic research in the field of excellence and peak performance. I use established and highly effective tools and methodologies targeted at behavioural change, performance improvement and a success mindset when providing support.

1 on 1 Mindset Coaching – Private Individual sessions held once biweekly

The coaching program is geared towards creating results in both your personal and business life. It’s a powerful program that draws out and enhances your own unique potential. You will improve your ability to focus your mind in the correct way, so that it empowers and supports you and very soon you will start to notice “better things” showing up in your life.


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The approach I use is direct and focused, based on the fact that every client is unique and faces individual challenges, obstacles and goals, and therefore all coaching programs are designed with the client’s values, drivers and ultimate desired outcomes in mind. My coaching approach is always to produce measurable results with your personal development and personal growth at the centre of everything we do whilst working through the program. It is important to take care of ourselves by having a healthy mind and balanced energy which creates enormous value, transformation and happiness.

Coaching programs focus on clarifying specific outcomes, enabling the coaching participant to identify an empowering purpose in their personal and business life, examining their belief systems which may support or hinder an individual’s performance, improving their ability to powerfully focus on tasks and working on managing their state in all situations to deliver a balanced way of being in all levels of environments.


1 on 1 Breakthrough session – Private and Individual

A personal breakthrough session is a supercharged, intensive half-day session. It’s a powerful session that focuses on the important, compelling, and meaningful changes in your life.


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During a breakthrough session, we ‘dig’ out the real core problem/s and get to the root cause. This means that you will eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs in whatever area you may be stuck in your life? You will reach a whole new level of clarity and power within yourself, then with a clean canvas to move forward, you will unleash your creative potential and design your new life. My clients say “It truly is a BREAKTHROUGH” and you will be astounded by the instant and profound transformation!



1 on 1 Blueprint recording – Individual private session

The mind is extremely powerful, it is our greatest asset and when we utilize the power and potential of our greater mind (the whole of our mind), it becomes a life-changing experience. Repetition is the mother of skill and we each have many recordings/programs in our mind that are either working for us or against us! ​



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Therefore, why not empower your mind with the potential that it truly deserves and create a life that you choose, that lights you up and sparks joy in your life! Through a thorough consultation, you will gain insight and clarity about your purpose and direction. Thereafter a powerful mindset program recording is created for you and your chosen vision. You will listen to the recording on a regular basis (further in-depth instructions are explained during the session) The blueprint recording enhances and empowers your mental capacity and energy, it increases your overall potential and has a profound impact on your performance and results in all areas.



​Executive Team Coaching – Corporate programs

My team coaching goes beyond training and the simple transfer of knowledge. Through an initial analysis session for your team and business, we clarify the specific needs for your organisation and create a robust program, to support, empower and enhance the potential of the outcome and vision for your business.


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We also explore any limiting beliefs that may be holding individuals and teams back, replacing them with empowering ones with a vision and value system that fully supports their business and personal goals. Thought-provoking and powerful techniques are utilized during the coaching program to ensure the right changes take place, as well as providing tools you can use with yourself and your teams. Depending on the teams needs and business targets involved, several areas can be focused on during these sessions, these areas may include:

• Increasing focus on specific KPIs
• Galvanizing leadership skills
• Increasing drive and determination
• Improving personal impact and gravitas
• Effective team management skills
• Improving personal communication
• Providing key tools for effective assertiveness
• Facilitating clarity on career decisions
• Improving work/life balance


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